Here are some links to woodturning clubs and other sites of interest to woodturners or to lovers of wood.

I am a member of the West Auckland Woodturners Guild and would say it is a good place to start. You will get good honest information from this club. Contact information can be found on their website.

New Zealand Association of WoodTurners

West Auckland Woodturners Guild -The West Auckland Woodturners club is the oldest club in Auckland (we were the first!) The members of the West Auckland Woodturners Guild have been fantastic to me. They freely pass on their knowledge and are continuing to do so. Ted Mckinstry and Paul Sokolich have been so good at putting me straight when I go wrong and their advice has been invaluable to me in my journey, I hope they will continue to be so.

South Auckland Woodturners Guild - This site has very good projects for woodturners.

North Shore Woodturners Guild - The North Shore Club has training activities for youth at risk and plenty of lathes.

People that supply the Wood Spinner with tools, wood etc.

Teknatools -Teknatool is a New Zealand company and has been at the forefront of turning technology from the early 70s.They invented the four jaw scroll woodturning chuck .They make some of the best lathes in the world and Nova chucks. All of their chucks are backward compatible. I have a thirty year old Nova scroll chuck and all the up to date jaws fit it. I can turn it into the most recent Nova chuck (Infinity) by just changing the jaw fitting and there, the most modern and versatile Nova Infinity chuck on a thirty year old scroll base. They also have very good customer service in New Zealand - have found it faultless.   

Timberly - this is the home of Terry Scott, New Zealand's foremost creative woodturner.

Carbatec - these supply everything you would require in the woodturning line.

Treeworkx - this company supplies me with some of the wood used in my turning - he has a good supply of all sorts of timbers.

Rare Find Timbers - very large supply of rarefind timber, good supplier, but a little pricey.

Ross and Heather Vivian -Ross & Heather do not have a web site .They have been very good to me and have supplied me with top quality wood. Ross is a very well known accomplished wood carving artist & Heather is a wood turner who can stand with the best turners in the country. She is very good. Ross & Heather are very nice people and are great to deal with. They are a great supplier of wood for woodturners and wood carvers and are only too happy to work with you. Please use the link to email them and ask them about their woods.

New Zealand woodturners - These links are to some of New Zealand most respected and proficient wood turning artists. All have had international displays and exhibitions and are actively passing on their knowledge.

Terry Scott - Terry is an Auckland based wood artist and has exhibited widely around the world. He is best known for his manta ray vessels. He has made a DVD on how to make them.Terry is well respected in the woodturning world.

Rick Taylor - Rick has been turning for a good number of years and has his studio at the woodturner's gallery in Dargaville north of Auckland. Rick has a supply of kauri that will last him forever and sells it at a reasonable price to woodturners. Most of Rick's work is in swamp kauri and he has the only green kauri in the world. Take a look at his site it is wonderfully all kauri.

There are lots of other Kiwi woodturners in New Zealand that I could put here and I will do so as I read their sites and get to know their work.

International woodturners - These woodturners and their sites I have found very helpful for me in my learning process. They have been very useful to me. Please take a look at their sites - you will find them most enjoyable . These are the turners I spent hours watching and then going to the studio and practising their techniques .

Cap'n Eddie castellin - His videos are easy to follow and his no bull shit approach to woodturning was an inspiration to me.

Lyle Jamieson - Lyle woodturning is just pure genius. His style and technique are easy relaxed and precise. I found them easy to duplicate and use.

Carl Jacobson - Carl is very knowledgeable he genuinely wants to pass on this knowledge to others. I like his off centre walking stick.

Brendan Stemp - Brendan is an Australian artistic woodturner. He actively promotes good safe woodturning practises. He is an accomplished woodturner with some excellent work to show. He is just brilliant.

Robbiethewoodturner - Robbie is fantastic, has loads of knowledge and passes it on freely. His off-centre turning is great and he has a very delicate touch with his work. I have learnt a lot from this man.


Disclaimer: These links are for information only and I am not endorsing or recommending any of the goods they offer for sale.

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